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Zacchera is Green

We do our best to respect and protect the environment surrounding us

In the last years, Zacchera Hotels has been committed to sensitizing the territory about environmental issues through tangible actions.

The electrical systems, the air-conditioning systems, the water recycling systems and the solar panels permit to all the hotels to limit the wastefulness, respecting the environment surrounding us. Moreover, the group believes the commitment to an eco-friendly approach is made of small attentions with regards to its guests. No more single use plastic cups and glasses in the hotelsrooms, but recycled and reusable products, pencils instead of pens, perishable water bottles, no more paper but electronic disposals and digital procedures for all teammates.
Zacchera Hotels buys the electricity from one of group’ societies, the Idroenergy Srl, that produces hydroelectric energy using the water from creeks of our mountains. One of the energy power stations is situated in Baveno, not far from the Grand Hotel Dino.